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 Additional Notes 

In each of our three cottages  there are eleven(!) information packs, which have been highly praised by our guests. In addition to containing the more usual but extensive brochures produced by the various organisers of the tourist attractions, we set out in a very personalised way extensive ideas prepared by ourselves over many pages on what to do in the immediate area, and much other information, as well, is given. All the Tourist Board inspectors visiting (they make annual visits) have indicated they are the best they have ever seen, and immodestly we do claim that they are amongst the best in the country.

Those leaflets that are professionally produced by the (mainly) commercial tourist operators are stored in order of proximity to the cottages, so at a glance it can be appreciated how much travelling might possibly be involved in seeing something that has caught our guests' eyes. The advantage of these information packs is that they ensure that our guests have plenty of ideas of what to do, most usually say that they had never appreciated how much there was in the area, (even regular visitors to the Peak have said that), and many guests have commented that with the benefit of the information given they have been able to give their cars a holiday too, hardly (if at all) moving them all week. (In addition, weekly events lists are provided between May and the end of October  in advance of our guests' arrival to enable our guests to perhaps plan in advance particularly on the first couple of days of their stay with us what they might wish to do)

We like to think  that it is the extensive ideas, events lists and information we provide and the quality and attention to detail both in the furnishings and the much praised housekeeping as well as  their wonderful location  that have ensured that  there are a particularly high number of repeat visitors to our cottages. In other words it's a very professionally run set-up!

We now also have in the courtyard behind Knowl Cottage a spacious sky sports room seating up to to ten people and a 60 inch tv with surround sound. This will be shared by the occupants of all three cottages of course but we envisage it primarily being used for the sports enthusiasts in the six person cottage, Knowl, who might be booted out of their cottage by the non sporty minded occupants! As well as offering Sky sports, there are also the usual fimls offered by Sky and also we are subscribers to BT Sports European package

Hartington Market Place
hartington pond
The village duckpond
Hartington Church