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Last Updated: 12th december 2017

Please note that all prices include central heating, electricity, linen, SKY TV and  WiFi Connection, and in the case of Knowl Cottage unlimited logs, kindlng wood and firelighters. 

Reductions for Reduced occupancy - see below

Please note we do not show availability in November and start of Christmas break in the lists below nor between january and 23rd March apart from feb half term and easter weeks as with all the comings and goings it gets rather bitty! So please simply email or ring for availability information

Between May and end of October 2018 for the first time arrival days in Dove are on Fridays or Mondays. In the other cottages its a Saturday. - hence there being two different dates given for each week from spring onwards


Knowl - rentals based on 6 person occupancy

Manifold - 2 person

Dove 2 person

November no week long bookings available during these 5 weeks, only a couple of mid weeks £285 £285
December ditto £265 fully booked
Christmas booked booked booked
New Year booked booked free for one night only, New Years eve itself.

january & early feb

£540 £260 £260
11th feb booked £290 £290
17th/18th Feb £580 £290 £290
24th/25th Feb £560 £275 booked
march £580 £295 £295
23rd/24th March free for four nights from monday £295 booked till wed a.m.
30th/31st March booked £350 £370
6/7th april booked from saturday till following saturday booked from saturday till friday am booked from saturday
13/14th April availabily for 2 nights only from saturday at mid-week rates £295 £295
20th/21st April booked £295 £295
27/28th april booked £295 £295
4/5th May booked £325 £315
11/12th May booked £335 £325
18/19th May booked £345 £335
25th/26th May £860 £450 £440
1st/2nd june booked booked booked
8th/9th june £720 booked £370
15th/16th june £740 £390 booked
22nd/23rd june booked £400 £390
29th/30th june booked £410 £400
6th/7th july booked £420 £410
13th/14th july £790 £420 £410
20th/21st July £815 £435 £425
school summer hols £850; 28th July & 4th August gone other three weeks still free. £450 £440
30th Aug/1st Sept £740 booked booked
7th/8th September booked £360 £360
14/15th September booked £340 £330
21st/22nd September £610 £320 £310
28th Sept/21st October £570 £305 £295



KNOWL COTTAGE - Persons - Reduce by £20, 4 Person - Reduce by £40, 3 Person - Reduce by £60, 2 Person - Reduce by £80, 2 Persons only using one bedroom with one bathroom/shower room, then discount is increased to £95
MANIFOLD - 1 Person - Reduce by £10

DOVE COTTAGE - 1 Person - Reduce by £10.00


Bookings can be taken on a short break basis in all three cottages from November through to end of april; in Dove after april we will continue to take short breaks (for the first time) but strictly on the basis of three nights from friday or four nights from monday, with only a nominal reduction for a shorter stay. Longer stays must be one week long starting on a friday or monday.


December January and first half of February: weekends  for six persons: 4 nights £460, 3 nights £420, 2+ nights £395, 2 nights £380 including heating electricity linen, unlimited logs, firelighters, complimentaries, towels and more. A + night is a rate for those wishing to leave the cottage after 10.30am, e.g. if you wish to stay for a weekend and leave at Sunday tea-time, the cottage is then booked for you on the basis that departure must be no later than 6.00pm. Please note that we have no weekend availability in Knowl before 13th January (and even though its only from satruday so first proper weekend slot is from 18th January) although we have several  mid week slots available

Midweek (£150 less than our weekend rates!) - based on 6 persons staying - 4 Nights £310, 3 Nights £270, 2 + Nights £245, 2 Nights £230. Including heatling electricity linen and unlimited logs.

2nd half of February and November weekends are £30 more,  midweek £15 more) Feb half term, March Apri other than the two easter periods are £45 more (£25 more midweek). 


5 Person - Reduce by £15, 4 Person - Reduce by £30, 3 Person - Reduce by £45, 2 Person - Reduce by £60, 

MANIFOLD & DOVE COTTAGE -  in December, January and 1st half of February

Weekends - 4 Nights £210, 3 Nights £185, 2+ Nights £170. 2 Nights £160 including heating electricity and linen

Midweek 4 Nights £160, 3 Nights £130, 2+ Nights £120, 2 Nights £110 including heating electricity and linen.

November and Last week of February is £15 more  and March and early April are £25  more and early May bank holiday is £35 more. February half term/valentines weekend or other times of the year, please enquire.

A + night is a rate for those wishing to leave the cottage after 10.30am, e.g. if you wish to stay for a weekend and leave as Sunday tea-time, the cottage is then booked for you on the basis that departure must be no later than 6.00pm. 



No pets are permitted, nor smoking in any of the cottages


Maximum Occupants: in Knowl is 6, Manifold and Dove are 2 persons.  This includes children but babies or toddlers sleeping in a travel cot are permitted in addition, provided we are so advised at the time of booking. Any party breaching this condition will be required to leave immediately.  Numbers cannot be revolving i.e. in a booking for a party of 6 in Knowl, 2 cannot  leave after a few days and be replaced by 2 different persons for the rest of the week.  


Arrivals:  from 3.00pm onwards and departures by 10.30am. Sometimes guests can arrive earlier in the one bedroomed cottage, but this is a concession, and we can only advise if it is possible, on the day prior to the arrival date once cleaning arrangements are known. In Knowl not really practical as we need until 3.00p.m. to clean it to required standards, (unless its a winter short break weekend and we have not let out the mid-week, so no harm enquiring couple of days before.)


Cancellations:More than 3 months before arrival date £50.00 for each week of a guests stay (£100 in the case of Knowl Cottage and if the booking is worth £500 and over, then £125) is payable, more than 2 months 30%, more than 4 weeks 40%, more than 3 weeks 50%, more than 2 weeks 60%, more than 1 week 70%, more than 72 hours 80%, 24 hours 90%is payable.  These conditions apply whether or not the cottage is subsequently rented out  If the booking is between May and end of October and has been made at the guests request on the basis other than a standard Saturday to Saturday, tougher cancellation terms will probably apply, as we will then probably have worked out subsequent bookings around that non standard period, and it then becomes harder to book out the cancelled period. However you will not be committed until you receive details of those tougher terms, tailored to the period of the booking.


Changes to Dates:If bringing dates  forward  an administration charge of £25.00  will apply.  Please note that if putting dates back, then standard cancellation terms as in clause d will apply, although there will be an ex-gratia reduction on the renewed booking which is however likely to be modest. (best to ring to discuss implications if you are considering changing your date to a later one!)


Payment: is by cheque.  I do not have card facilities, although we do have Paypal facilities and payment can be made by credit/debit card using our Palpal business acount (Guests do not need a paypal account for this purpose). If wishing to pay by credit/debit card, please contact us beforehand for advises.


Deposits: If booking is made more than 6 weeks in advance a deposit for each week or part-week of a guests stay of £50.00 is payable for the one bedroomed cottages and in the case of Knowl between £100 and £200 depending on the value of the booking). The Full Balance will be payable 1 month before arrival date.  If booking less than 6 weeks before arrival date, the Full Balance will be required upon receipt by our guest of our letter confirming the booking. If the booking is less than 10 days prior to the start date, we might possibly insist upon an inter bank transfer.

To Book: 

No forms to complete, please either e-mail or telephone to confirm availability.  

If emailing please supply postal adress and telephone number if wishing to book.