Courtyard Lounge

The courtyard lounge sits in the private courtyard behind Knowl Cottage and opposite Manifold and Dove.  The room has a 50 inch TV and surround sound. This room is shared with occupants of all threee cottages and for larger groups, or parties that wish to split up, it’s a great place to decamp.

Information Packs

Each cottage has eleven (!) personalised information packs to ensure that our guests have plenty of ideas of what to do. Over the years we received many compliments regarding these from guests and the Tourist Board Inspectors alike.


We were for many a year graded by the country’s official grading organisation VisitEngland and in the last ten years of our membership we achieved 100% for standards of housekeeping (cleanliness) as part of such process, something we are advised was almost unheard of. Since last year we no longer participate in this scheme, with it having lost its relevance to most, due to the rise of reviews on online booking sites. There are links to some of these reviews on the individual cottages pages of this web and it can then be seen that many reviewers have pin-pointed the cleanliness of the cottages, invariably we receive the maximum 5 stars in this regard.

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